Rockaway Beach, one last time!

We went to the beach one last time before Josh left for Alaska so he could say goodbye to my grandparents and enjoy one last sunny day in the sand with our boys.  In addition to playing at the beach, we got to see some of the fish come into the harbor in Garibaldi from our grandparents' friends' fishing boat.  The boys enjoyed watching them be filleted and playing with the eyeball from one of them. (Did you know if you look through a fish' eye, everything you see will be upside down?)  My favorite, aside from playing on the beach, is visiting my grandma's backyard garden.  It's full of dahlia's, my favorite!, and on this trip, it was visited by a handful of butterflies, which have been especially meaningful to me this pregnancy.  I took a ton of pictures, so enjoy!

Beach Football!

Fish eyeball


Tabitha Studer said...

so beautiful! and no, I did not know that about a fish's eyeball! That information is going to blow my son's mind later today when he gets home from school (thank you!)

What a butterfly inspired name for your girl? I googled it and found a lot of beautiful thoughts (Ruby, Victoria, Sara...)

Marilynn Raatz said...

Beautiful post Shelly!