Summer Livin' at the River

I truly can't express how awesome our summer weather was.  I mean, it was insane. It only rained TWO DAYS the entire time Josh was here. (From mid May to mid August)

So much good weather meant we spent a lot of time at the family swimming hole.  
It was so much fun!
One for the money...

Two for the show...

Three to get ready...

And four to go!

Watching them jump in never gets old!  I can't believe how brave they are.  I didn't swim out to the rock and jump in until I was probably 12 or 14!

The second favorite activity at the river is scuba diving with papa's scuba gear.  They love looking at all the crawdad's and searching for agates.

Even Wyatt likes to try on the goggles and look at rocks!


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Tabitha Studer said...

the amount in which I envy your 'family swimming hole' is beyond normal. I want to come and swim here. This spot looks amazing and your brave boys jumping off that rock! (also jealous of your summer weather, we had tons of rain this year!)