Singleton vs. Twins

This summer I took Wyatt with me to an open house for a friend of mine.  At four years old, bringing him to something by himself is just so easy!  I couldn't help but compare him to his brothers.  (See? I'm as bad as anyone when it comes to comparing. ;) When they were four, taking the two of them somewhere was so.much.work!  Wyatt is far mellower than his brothers and because there's only one of him, he's somewhat easier to entertain.  He can sit quietly and play with some cars on a table top, or jump on the giant trampoline with nary a fist fight or tantrum.  With the twins, there was constantly this competition between them-- for the coolest car, the best spot on the trampoline, or the attention of those around them.  Having one after having two shows me just how challenging that competition made parenting!
I'm happy to report that it's much easier to take them places now, and even going places with all three of them can be done peacefully.  But when they were younger, they for sure gave me a run for my money!


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