If Not Now, When?

If I'm not going to stop and appreciate a sunset, or some beautiful clouds today... When will I?

If I'm not going to read the long book at bedtime, complete with answering all their (million) questions... When will I?

The truth is, we only have now.  

And as I read through the book that my second book club has chosen (The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle), I discover with each page that choosing to focus on now doesn't ignore the future.  It enhances the future.  With every moment I devote myself to being present, my future becomes more full of possibility.  The possibility to find and have joy everyday.  The possibility to make memories with my children and enjoy this stage in parenthood.  The possibility to look back on my life one day and know I lived every day of it with gusto.

What can you do to live in the moment today?  
What joys are you "saving" for another day?
Find a moment today where you're asking yourself,
"If not now, when?"
And then go for it!


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Unknown said...

Im allso of clan cunningham. Im proud of who i am and may be God has truely blessed. Me and our family with persaverounce and the ability to overcome all obstacles .I am Charles R. Cunningham. Jr.