Keep a Food Diary

Success Snapshot 6:
Everyday since my journey began I have written down my weight, workout, water intake and food consumption.  I also wrote down any emotions or revelations I had that day in regards to my eating.  It's been good personal accountability and has been great for looking back at how far I've come.

{A typical day for me}
When I started I was pretty in love with my little blank rainbow journal and the beautiful pens my friend Kori sent me when I was still in Alaska.  But YOU GUYS! Then, then (!) I found this journal at Target (when I was shopping with all four of my kids and they were maybe shooting rubberbands at each other on the next aisle over...) and I fell in love. I want everyone to have it.

"No goal was met without a little sweat!"
How adorable is this little gem?

I love everything it stands for!  And the best part? It only cost $14.99 to stay inspired everyday for 120 days!

I took pictures of the inside so you could really catch the magic:

See?!? It's a two page spread that has room for gratitude keeping, goal setting, body loving & food journaling. Plus it has a daily quote to inspire you!!!  I am so pumped for this 60 day challenge to end, and our next Friends (the tv show) themed 21 Day Challenge to start so I can switch to my new Fit Journal! (link is for something similar on Amazon since Target doesn't carry the item online)


My food journal is also where I keep track of non-scale victories (NSV) and write down my goals.  It's really important to write those down and to celebrate each NSV you reach because that will propel you forward.  For me fitting into my 14's again, and putting my wedding ring back on were huge NSV's that made me feel incredible.

And when it comes to eating right and changing bad eating habits (especially for us emotional eaters) reflection is key!  So run to Target & pick up your new Fit Journal.  And if you're at all curious about  joining our next challenge, which starts Monday June 13th, please let me know!

My email: rcunningham18@hotmail.com

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Amanda said...

Thanks for sharing this journal and the close up of the pages! I may have to get one!