Around Here: Week 36

Loving... our house more everyday.  It really feels like home, and I feel so grateful that our kids get to grow up here.

Sending... Wyatt off to kindergarten.  He has adjusted beautifully and I could not be more proud of him.

Watching... the twins go to school, become responsible and settle into our new normal.  They are making friends, learning everyday and impressing me with every step.

Spending... my days with Carly.  I joked with Josh that she's never in her life had more attention from me.

Joining... the local MOPS group. (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) My friend Katie had told me how wonderful her MOPS group in Vancouver was, and that inspired me to look for one.  Sure enough, there's one here, and our first meeting was great.

Making... new friends!  I've met a few moms at school and also met a bunch at MOPS.  It's making me smile. (Hi JoAnne! Hi Kara! Hi Penny, Jeannette, Debra, Laura & Terry!)

Walking... the kids to school as many days as possible.  We are squeezing every last bit of summer out of this year and loving the opportunity to walk/ride/scooter to the school everyday.

Combatting... anxiety by doing as much as I can, getting things crossed off my to do list, and giving the rest to God.  (this little book helps me remember how to get through anxiety. even though I've struggled with it many times, I always kinda forget how to deal with it)

Crying... during the day.  It's hard being away from my boys.  The first few days I felt like a mama duck whose babies had fallen into a sewer drain.  Part of me wanted to sit outside their classroom windows, crying for them to give my babies back to me. (Okay, even I have to admit that sounds dramatic... but it's how I felt those first few days!)

Enduring... the quiet of my days without the boys.  Everyone assures me that I will get used to it, and even come to enjoy my time with just Carly.  But for now, it feels unsettling.

Establishing... an afternoon/evening routine of homework, playtime, dinner & baths, followed by family story time and then silent reading for the big boys in bed.  I can't describe to you accurately how much my heart swells when I see those two with their noses in a book.

with all the boys' teachers to help them acclimate to school.  Having been homeschooled, this is a huge transition and we want to make it as seamless as possible.  I'll be posting next week about some of the mishaps we've had thus far.

Laughing... at how many people talk to me about Carly's "big blue eyes". I love how sweet people are to her.  Yesterday at the boys' school, a fifth grader stopped and said to me, "What a cute baby!" Wha?!? Be still my heart-- what is it about boys who love babies? Just leaves me all starry eyed.

Shrieking... every time Carly bites me while nursing. Sister's got two brand new bottom teeth, and OUCH! they hurt!  She doesn't cry when I yell at her.  She smirks at me, reminding me of her brothers' faces when they're up to mischief. ;)

Hosting... my first playdate ever at my house.  Gave me the inspiration I needed to clean, and set my weekend off on the right foot. (Thanks for coming, Christa! I hope to have many more!)

Killing... all the bugs.  Still.  This week? More moths, less potato bugs.  And the baby spiders have departed, leaving in their wake, all the daddy spiders. {{shudder}}

Enjoying... my first bath in our new house. It was divine. And only the first of many.

Giggling... watching Carly be reunited with Wyatt every afternoon.  While he sits at the kitchen table eating snack, telling me about his day, Carly laughs after each thing he says.  Like she can't stand how much she loves him and missed him.  It's beyond precious. Also precious? Him hugging her everyday before he goes into class, "Bye bye.  I love you, Carly May," he says in his sing-song-baby voice.  Melts me.

Reminding myself... to find beauty in everyday, and to give myself grace.  This is a big transition not just for the kids, but for me.  Focusing in on little things of beauty (a picture of my family, flowers in the yard, a colorful sunset) helps me.



Emily said...

Tommy has taken to dragging his teeth along me while he nurses...somehow. It hurts so bad!!! I should wean him. But I don't want too....haha!!!

M McCarthy said...

Do lots of play dates. I used to worry about how tidy my house was and then I realized that I felt most comfortable when I went to other family homes where everything wasn't perfect....in fact, the more imperfect, the better. You are doing a great job, S.

Mardie May said...

I've been popping over to look at your blog from time to time over the years, and I remember when you started home schooling your boys. Now they're independently reading in bed. Well done!