Word of the Year

My word for 2017 is 

I want to embrace this period of life that I am in currently.
Embrace the noise, the chaos, the lack of control.
I want to embrace this stage of motherhood completely.

I think "embrace" is like "accept", but with enthusiasm.

I don't want to fight the tide. Part of embracing is knowing my limits, which means I am fairly certain Carly will be our last and I have said no to anything extra since we moved.  No sports or extracurricular activities for the kids in preservation of family dinner and our lovely, slow evenings

I was thinking the other day how I have abandon a lot of my old hobbies since becoming a mom, scrapbooking and making cards, for instance, and remembering how much I enjoyed them made me want to rush out and take up those hobbies again. But I know that doing so would only leave me spread even more thin than I am already. So instead I am going to embrace this season of life, reading and blogging when I can, and really plunge head first into meal planning, child rearing & homemaking... also known as being a mom.

Cause I know what they say is true,
I'm gonna miss this when it's gone.


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Holly said...

You always word things so well! I relate. Let's embrace the chaos! And I love "I think embrace is like accept, but with enthusiasm..." :)