2017 Goals

1) Bedtime: 10pm

2) Read 24 books

3) Quit swearing

4) Blog 3x week

I've learned that keeping track is vital to my success.  So I had to set goals that were easily trackable, with no grey area.  For my bedtime goal, Josh will keep me accountable.  For my book goal, I will map out which books I want to read each month, and will keep track on the blog, mentioning what I'm reading in each weekly "Around Here" post.  For not swearing, I am keeping tick marks in my daily journal, working toward less tick marks per day until I hit zero. It hasn't happened so far, but I'm sure it will if I stick with it! And for blogging three times a week, I plan to keep track on a cute desk calendar I bought for that purpose.

I set these goals for very specific reasons.  
If I don't see the purpose, I know I won't stick to them.

1) Reasonable Bedtime= more sleep, and a more patient mama

2) Reading= more happiness + it's a personal goal I can meet while still focusing mainly on parenting

3) Not swearing= setting a good example for my children

4) Blogging= I found that I was using Instagram + Facebook more than blogging cause it was so quick. I want to get back to real, deep writing this year. A 3x a week goal will help me do just that.

I've had some of these same goals in the past, but I don't see that as a sign of failure. It merely means I haven't given up yet!


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