Carly's Cake Smash

 Today Carly finally got to do her cake smash. She never did it at her birthday party or on her actual birthday. It just never worked out. So today, I made (from scratch!) a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting (also from scratch) and for afternoon snack she got to have a go at it. 

As I was preparing it, she kept signing "more", and then when I put the whole thing on her plate, she just kept pointing at it (a new milestone that I find completely adorable) and looking and her dad and me. 

Funny enough, she wasn't all that interested in digging in, and didn't like the frosting getting all over her fingers, so mostly Josh and I had to feed her bites. haha! She can finally make all the mess she wants, and she's not interested.  Go figure!

The boys were joking that Carly's birthday lasted three months because her party was in December, her actual birthday was in January, and her cake was in February.  Now they're dreaming up what they would do if their birthdays lasted three months. Ha!

We sure love you, Carly May!


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Marilynn Raatz said...

Shelly thank you for this post!! She is so darling! I wish I could have some of that cake, it looks delicious!!
And yes a 3 month birthday! Haha!