Around Here: Week 10

Getting... my feet back under me after three weeks of sickness, sleep deprivation & worry over the kids and then Josh.  At the end of the three weeks, toward the beginning of this week, I got sick, too.  Like really under the weather.  So I took it easy in hopes I would be well by the time Logan's neurology appointment rolled around Thursday.  Thankfully it worked and I was better by Wednesday afternoon.
Part of taking it easy meant I didn't walk the kids to their classroom each day. Instead I challenged Wyatt to let me do Parent Drop off.  He was nervous, and there were some tears while we talked about it, but when it came to actually being dropped off, he nailed it! I am so proud of him!

Accepting... that Logan has epilepsy.  He had an EEG and neurology appointment yesterday and was diagnosed.  After a normal EEG in November, his second showed some abnormalities.  So we will start him on medication and monitor for any further seizures.  If he can go two years seizure free, the doctor will consider taking him off meds.  Many times children can outgrow seizures, so that is our hope for Logan.

Enjoying... my parents quick visit.  They came up Wednesday so that they could stay with Wyatt & Jack while Josh and I (along with Carly) ventured to the neurologist in Spokane early Thursday morning.

Grateful... that my mom organized my house while I was gone Thursday.  She put down contact paper in my laundry room, organized my tupperware cupboard (hallelujah!), cleaned my microwave, and tidied my pantry.  Every time I open a cupboard or closet I am gasping at how lovely it looks after her magic touch. Thanks mom!!!

Buying... new pillows for the twins & switching out their bedding for some fresh hand-me-overs (ha!) from their cousins.  The new, sleek bedspreads make their room like 5x tidier and all crisp for spring.

Loving... the cross stitch my sweet friend Betsy gifted me.  Can you believe her handiwork? Every detail is beautiful.  From the pink bow in Carly's hair to the colors of our kitties, it is perfection.  Get yours here!

Rejoicing... in the blue skies today and the promise of a brighter tomorrow after days of grey.

Looking forward... to our new garage door being put in next week!  The timing could not be more perfect as we are going to start walking to and from school again now that the snow is gone!

Noticing... I have been very, very grouchy every morning this week.  I hate it.

Reading... this post about gratitude online at Hey Sigmund.

and Committing... to writing  down three things every morning that I am grateful for, before I even get out of bed.


Next Week's Goals:
{Operation: Cheer up}
Workout everyday
Go to bed on time
Be grateful
Take time for me (being deliberate about where I spend my time) 
Get a haircut this weekend 


Ashley B said...

So glad you were able to get some answers about Logan. Sometimes knowing and having a plan in place is easier than that state of unknown, you know? That's a lot of what I felt with Daniel's dyslexia.
And that cross stitch is ADORABLE! Look at all those blondies! :)

Marilynn Raatz said...

I love this post. I am so thankful you are better and that Josh is getting better each day. It's a hard thing for Logan to face, but I am relieved to have answers. I loved being there to help you. The kids are just so wonderfully sweet and smart! Seeing Carly walking and being so cute (looks and personality!) was fun!!