Around Here: Week 15

Wrapping up... Spring Break.  We spent the last half at home, with Josh's family in town.  It was fun for the kids to see their aunt, uncle & cousins and spend special time with Grandma & Papa.  For me, it was nice to have a few days at home to get caught up on laundry before things went back to normal.

Getting... back into our routine with school and the addition of baseball practice for the twins.  They're so excited, and I can't tell you how awesome it is having Josh here for it this year!!!

Enjoying... the play structure in the back yard and the arrival of spring weather.  We've been walking/biking to school and it makes me (and the boys) so happy!  In the afternoons, Wyatt can hardly wait to get back home so he can play on the play set Josh's sister gifted us.  What a blessing.

Teaching... the boys how to clean house.  We spent a few hours Sunday afternoon vacuuming, sweeping and cleaning the bathrooms, and it's amazing how much we can get done when we work as a team.  I love starting the week with a clean house and they are really prideful about their work. (Logan reminded Jack as he went to brush his teeth, "Don't leave the toothpaste in the sink, Jack. I worked hard to get that clean." My work here is done. Haha!)

Frustrated... with Carly's lack of sleep and constant crankiness.  I did finally figure out she's teething a molar, but even with that knowledge, I am having to work really hard at my patience!  Girl, you can either a) stay up all night or b) be cranky all day... but NOT both!

Celebrating... good grades (Straight A's for Jack and all A's + 2 B's for Logan! And Wyatt's was all on point as well!) and celebrating an award ceremony (way to go, Logan!) for being a Mighty Mathematician (He and Jack have memorized their multiplication facts through the 12's).  Also celebrating (and thanking the good Lord) that Logan has had no side effects from his medication for over two weeks. I am so thankful for this one.

Struggling... as Jack was invited to a birthday party and Logan wasn't.  I knew this day was coming, and I'm okay with Jack having his own friends... but it is so hard for my heart to see Logan hurting, feeling left out.  Josh told him this is just the beginning.  I told him it'll be better to accept that life's not fair than to constantly fight that one. He agreed that if he got the invite, he'd want to be able to go on his own... so it's just an adjustment.

Feeling... sad for Jack as he got the news that his injury-caused early pickup from school one day (he bonked a pole and was showing concussive symptoms) got him bumped from Perfect Attendance which he had maintained all year.  He was so pumped to win that bike.  Poor kid.

Reading... this blog post about Good Friday and being without your church.  It was sad and good and sad... as those things are. I loved what Glennon said about it: "Religion is not God," and "No man can keep God from you.  God is yours and you are God's.  Nothing can separate you from God's love."  These are truths I cling to.


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