Sledding with Cousins

{I love Wyatt's hands up in the air!}

On New Years Day we rounded the kids up and headed back to Wenatchee to meet my sister for some snowy hill sledding with the cousins (and to get the Christmas-present Nerf-guns the twins forgot at their house when we were there with my parents. ...shaking my head... Kids!?! amiright?).  It turned out to be the perfect day.  Grey, but warm with no wind.  Carly lasted in the cold much longer than I thought she would, and we basically let the boys sled until they ran out of steam. I even went down a few times with Wyatt.  What a blast!

It was just a great time, and the drive home was beautiful.  
A wonderful way to start the new year. 


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Marilynn Raatz said...

Oh such great pictures of all those handsome boys and those darling girls! How fun! I'm so glad you had fun too!!