Around Here: Week Five {2018}

Enjoying... a long weekend in Vancouver visiting family.  It started with a trip to the beach to see my grandparents, followed by a day spent with my mom shopping for Wyatt & Carly & me, and a trip to the Portland car show for the twins & Josh, and then more time with Josh's side of the family on Saturday night and Sunday. The only bummer was that by the end the boys all seemed to be getting a runny nose.

Celebrating... Carly's second birthday with my mom & dad.  My mom bought her the cutest pink trike I have ever seen, and also got her a night gown and made her a set of rainbow hooded towels that I'll have to photograph when she uses them.  Everyone has said how quickly the last two years have gone by and I'm glad it's not just me who feels it flew right on by!

Also celebrating... Logan receiving The Mighty Mathematician Award for Second Quarter after working his butt off memorizing his division facts and doing his best on some big testing last month.  I am so proud of him for his grit & determination, and so grateful that his hard work paid off.  School has not always come easy for him-- he can be easily distracted and sometimes disorganized, but math is something he loves and he has had some amazing teachers helping him pave the way with test taking strategies & other important classroom skills-- and this year he seems to suddenly really care about his education, and it shows.  I am just so happy for him and proud of the student he's becoming.

Laughing... at how Wyatt is such a dog whisperer.  He loves my moms dogs so much, and they love him. Carly also loves the dogs.  When we leave Nanny's house, Carly talks about them incessantly.  In fact, when my phone rings, she thinks it's my mom's dogs, calling to talk to her!

Enjoying... pizza & pool with Josh's parents, brother, and Julie (one of Josh's sisters) and her boys Saturday night.  It was so fun to talk and catch up and let the kids play.  Julie gave Wyatt (and Josh) some of those pillows with the sequins you can flip this way and that, and they were in heaven!  So funny!

Squeezing in... quality cousin (and grandma) time Sunday before we headed home.  One of Josh's sisters has kids almost the exact ages of our kids, and it's so fun the way they all love each other.

Having... sick kids home every day this week.  First it was Logan and Wyatt, then just Wyatt, then Jack, then Wyatt and Wyatt again.  They've got this runny nose that is hanging on, and for Wyatt (of course) it's hanging out and turning into a cough.  So far it's not impacting his lungs as I put him immediately back on his preventative inhaler, but I'd be lying if I said it didn't freak me out a bit to hear him coughing like this again.

Reading... Happier at Home by Gretchin Rubin in preparation for book club Monday.  Also reading Turtles All The Way Down by John Green and Grief Cottage by Gail Godwin.  They are all really good books! The main character in Turtles All The Way Down has health anxiety and if you wonder what it's like to be inside my head, just read the first chapter of that book.  Grief Cottage is about a boy whose single mom dies, so he goes to live with his spinster aunt when he discovers a ghost in a cottage down the beach.  So far, I am intrigued!  I also spent some time this week mapping out what books I will be reading each month throughout 2018 so I can stay on track to get as much reading in as possible this year!

Suffering... Only three migraines this week (Saturday, Sunday & Thursday) and praying that decreases next week as I increase my meds again.  We started at a half a pill, then half a pill 2x/day, now I am at a whole pill at night and a half a pill in the morning, and eventually I'll be at a whole pill 2x/day.

Tallying... up our total weight loss for the month of January and I am impressed.  (Now please know that weight loss is most certainly not our only measure of success.  It is also really important to me that the kids are being active, taking healthy lunches, learning about good food choices and having dinner together as a family... but it is inspiring to see that our healthy choices are already positively impacting their bodies.) 
I am down from 200 pounds to 188 pounds.  -11
Josh is down from 226 pounds to 218 pounds.  -8
Logan is down from 115 pounds to 108 pounds.   -7
Jack is down from 128 pounds to 120 pounds.   -8
Wyatt is down from 88 pounds to 86 pounds.   -2
I am hopeful that with Wyatt's foot healed and boot off and him getting more exercise, that February will be an even more active month for him.  I just love that we are setting our boys up for a healthier relationship with food and success with a healthy life.

Loving... that our new way of eating is just that: a new way of eating. It is not a diet, and I am not ever hungry.  The kids and I eat breakfast together every morning- eggs and sausage or bacon, sometimes with peanut butter toast.  I eat humongous sandwiches for lunch everyday, and we eat a delicious homemade dinner each night.  I got behind in keeping track on here, but we are still having dinner as a family every.single.night, and I'm so proud of all the new things we've tried, especially new vegetable dishes as a way of replacing noodles, which were our old favorite thing.

Doing... our taxes, at Josh's insistence, and feeling so grateful that they are done! Phew!

Feeling inspired... by Gretchen Rubin's advice "Do it now" when it comes to adulting.  Josh and I have been out of town independently or together the last three weekends, and it left me feeling quite behind the last week, so I jumped in with both feet this week and I feel great, having accomplished so much!  "Do it now" leaves very little wiggle room, so it helped me get a lot done in a short amount of time with zero excuses!


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Holly said...

Oh my gosh Shelly! Y'all are doing awesome with all that healthy eating. I know you must feel so proud! And Carly just looks huge to me lately. I feel like Luke still looks like a baby but Carly is a full on big girl. :) I love keeping up with y'all through these posts. I hope everyone is better soon.