{Books} January 2018

 by Emily Ruskovich

Idaho enthralled me from the start, and I kept waiting for a twist at the end that never came.  Part of what pulled me into it was the Alzheimers (or some form of dementia) that one of the main characters had. I really liked the story and the writing, and enjoyed the story right to the end.  That said, the ending did not tie things up with a bow the way I like, so in that way, it was not a five star book. 

Winter Storms (#3 of the Winter Street series)
 by Elin Hilderbrand

I enjoyed Winter Storms, as I do all of Hilderbrand's books.  This is the third time I have read this Christmas charmer about the Quinn family, and it was just as enjoyable as the first.  An easy read, lovely around the holidays, highly reccomended. 

Winter Solstice (#4 of the Winter Street series)
 by Elin Hilderbrand

This is, by far, the best of the Winter Street series.  It is the surprise fourth in the trilogy, and a wonderful read.  It had me spellbound.  I will tell you it has a bit of heartbreak, and I was in tears for the last two chapters.  Like, hysterical crying.  But it was oh-so-good. 

Before We Were Yours
 by Lisa Wingate

A story written about a group of siblings stolen from their riverboat home while their mother was in the hospital attempting to birth their twin siblings, this book is full of adventure, heartbreak and tough life lessons for all involved.  It weaves together the stories of an older generation with that of a younger generation who has no idea where their heritage really comes from, and the effect is charming.  You'll find yourself rooting for the truth to be discovered.

The Best of Us: A Memoir
 by Joyce Maynard

A heartbreaking true story written by Maynard about her husband of three years and herself as they navigated his diagnosis, treatment and death from pancreatic cancer.  It has made me more grateful for the ordinary everyday things I often take for granted in my marriage: dinner together each night, falling asleep holding hands, and making plans for the future... 


January Tally: 5
2018 Tally: 5
Yearly Goal: 5/60

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