Summer at the Water Park

 We are blessed to live in a town with an amazing water park.  Every summer we buy passes early so we can get them for a great deal, and then we go nearly everyday after Carly's nap.  The kids all love swimming, and Josh and I enjoy it as well.  It's a fantastic way to beat the heat.

Our kids are fearless, and already the twins have passed the swim test, jumped off the high dive, and gone down the drop slide.  And Wyatt (who is finally tall enough this year) got to go down the big blue twirly slides.  He was nervous at first, but ever since he went, he can't get enough!  I am so proud of all of their bravery.  

We're having to stick extra close to Logan this summer since he's having uncontrolled absent seizures lately, but we're determined to have as much fun as possible despite what his epilepsy is throwing at us.  

So if you need us, Monday through Friday before dinner, this is where we'll be!  
Having fun in the sun!


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Ashley said...

This looks awesome! Love the pictures with Wyatt and his thumbs up! So brave.