Dancing in the Rain

The last year has been a bit challenging for us- Wyatt's asthma hospitalization and following months of on and off illness; Logan's seizure increase; my mental breakdown in the spring and most recently Josh's Shingles and Bell's Palsy diagnosis.  Then, on Friday, as I walked down the hallway, I broke my toe.  At this point, I can't help but laugh.  

I mean, seriously?!? 


Earlier this summer we went to visit my parents, and one morning I convinced the boys that a walk on the waterfront would be super fun.  There's a gorgeous path paved alongside the Columbia River, with views of boats, trains and planes as they take off from PDX.  

This particular day, though, as we walked, these HUGE, ominous grey clouds rolled in, and before we knew it, we were a mile from the car as the skies opened up and poured down on us. By the time we made it back, we looked like we had gotten into the shower with our clothes on.  

I was almost crying I was laughing so hard. The boys were SO mad!
But then, as we continued on, back toward the car, we were literally able to laugh in the rain.

The reality is, there's no stopping it.
So you may as well enjoy it

It's like they say,

"When life gives you lemons,
dance in the rain..."

Or something like that.



I've reached the same conclusion about life in general.

Some shitty stuff is going to happen.  Toes are gonna break.  Lungs are gonna suck.  Seizures might break through.  My job is to find the joy anyway.  So I've been writing down things that bring me joy in my journal.  Things, both big & small, that put a smile on my face. 

  • The sound of wind blowing through trees
  • Dove calls
  • Getting mail
  • New books
  • Reading blogs
  • The way the water sparkles like diamonds
  • Hearing my kids giggle
  • Our daily walks
  • Hugging Josh
  • Talking to my sister on the phone
  • The way Carly says "Nanny"
  • How much my kids love books (our book club)
  • The smell of fresh cut grass
  • Watermelon in the summer
  • Clean sheets on freshly shaved legs
  • A good song on the radio & the windows rolled down
  • Road trips + candy + Josh by my side
  • Dressing Carly & doing her hair everyday
  • Sharing secrets with my friends


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