Silverwood 2018

Every year the boys earn tickets to Silverwood Theme Park by reading 600 minutes at school.  Josh's students earned enough free tickets that their teacher (him!) also earned a free ticket.  Carly's free because she is so young, and we found a ticket for me for only $35, so our entire family was able to spend a whole day at the park for only $35!!! 

We had a great time, riding rides, eating ice cream and making memories. 

Carly, we discovered, is a little daredevil, whereas Wyatt and I are not!  I loved the log ride, where we got a little wet, and the twins loved the bumper boats.  Josh's favorite part was paying quarters to squirt the twins while they were in the bumper boats.  Haha!!

 Carly loved the little roller coaster and the big swing ride.  Logan loved the Panic Plunge, Jack won a basketball from a game he played, and Wyatt bought some magnetic rocks he loved.  All in all, it was an awesome day and I'm always so glad we did it, even though it was a long day and a lot of effort to take all the kids for a full day at the park. 


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