Around Here: Week 40 {2018}

My crew & my sister's crew with Uncle Blake

Doing... family pictures on Saturday with the kids in Wenatchee with my sister's help.  We somehow managed to get there, all dressed, and had good weather... but Jack forgot the jeans he was going to change into.  So there we were, all dressed up, and Jack was in basketball shorts.  (shaking my head...)  I was so mad, but my sister helped me take some deep breaths and we took pictures around his clothing mistake and got some great ones for our Christmas cards.  With my hair loss and Josh's Bell's Palsy, we decided that this year will be a "kids only" year for the Christmas photo.  I was sad at first, but after taking the pictures, I am really excited.  They turned out great, and I think it was honestly less stressful getting only the kids ready.
After doing pictures of my kids & my sister's kids, we went to a local shooting range where they were having an event for kids.  My sister's husband is a game warden, and he was working the event.  The boys got water bottles, compasses, stickers, pins and the twins even got to practice shooting.  They did great, each hitting a clay pigeon.  I was so proud!

Saturday night... done right.  With warm cookies & remotes on hand, I was ready to relax after driving to Wenatchee and back, doing pictures with the kids, attending the gun event with them, taking Wyatt to a birthday party and making the twins pizza for movie night.  Whew!!!

Caretaking... the littles as Logan came home one day this week with a sore throat, and Jack came home one day this week with a headache.  Meanwhile, Wyatt has been able to stay at school, but his peak flow numbers are crap.  He's barely able to blow a 225 most days (275-300 is normal) until after he's had a treatment, and he's been on steroids over two weeks now!  If he's not doing consistently better by Monday, I am going to have to take him back in to see the doctor. Most days I am even bringing the nebulizer to the school and doing a treatment mid-day.  Josh, however, is doing much better and is gaining movement in his face slowly but surely.  We are so thankful for every bit that comes back!

Enjoying... a playdate at a friends' house where she made us quiche (yum) and (decaf for me) coffee (so yum!) and we got to visit.  It was a lovely morning and I was so thankful for it.  I also enjoyed my Wednesday morning date with Shana where we walked and talked and let Carly feed her chickens.  She spoiled Carly and I with some hand-me-downs (so fun!) and Carly's still carrying around this giant Everest stuffed animal that she got from her.  It's true love.  I cannot even tell you how grateful I am to have such amazing friends in this new hometown of ours.  They give me strength, make me feel loved and bring me such joy. 

Grateful... for flowers from my neighbor Barb.  Whenever she brings me flowers, they never cease to put a big smile on my face. And this bunch of roses smelled amazing!

Loving... my week without social media.  I am seven days into my monthlong break and I cannot even tell you how lovely it is.  I feel like, first of all, I have so much more free time, (like, it's embarrassing how much time I must have been spending on my phone) and second of all, my brain is so much quieter. It's less busy and comparative in there.  There is less constant chatter, less negativity and more presence in my actual life.  There is also a ton more time for reading, and the actual attention span with which to complete it.  It's awesome.

Reading... and finishing All We Ever Wanted, which was good, but not great and You Think It, I'll Say It, which was good, but a bit intense during some stories.  (It's a collection of essays.)  I listened to both of those on audio.  I've since started Hillbilly Elegy on audio and am interested to hear more.
For parenting, I have picked up 52 Things Kids Need From A Mom and even though I'm only on the fourth thing, I am loving it.  Her advice (things like, letting your kids see you pray and touching them all the time) is so, so good and timely at this point in my life where my kids are growing up before my eyes.  I'm also reading The Whole-Brain Child by Daniel Siegel.  The Whole Brain Child is really helping me change up my parenting (remembering to lead with empathy -right brain- before following up with logic -left brain-) and I can't wait to keep reading!
Yesterday I finished Always & Forever Lara Jean (the third in the To All The Boys I've Loved Before trilogy) and I love, love, loved it! I am so sad it's over!  Now I am finishing Ghosted, one of my Book of the Month picks.  I can't even tell you how good it feels to be doing so much reading!

Using... all my new Monat products and loving how they make my hair look and feel.  I did my first overnight oil treatment and I also used the Rejuvabeads for split ends and the Root Lifter.  It's crazy how they made it seem like my hair isn't even half missing!

Adjusting... to the sudden cold weather.  I woke up Thursday and when I took the trash out I could see my breath.  Just like that. I swear it happened overnight.  Suddenly we are wearing sweaters and long pants and needing to get the air conditioners out of the windows!

Breaking... my pinky toe this morning before school.  I was walking down the hallway to get Carly out of her high chair when the corner wall caught it and as the rest of me kept going, it stayed behind.  Oh my holy goodness it hurt so much, and as the day has proceeded, the pain has only increased.  It's swollen and purple and looks awful.  So I'm in a boot, keeping it elevated, icing & taking ibuprofen like it's going out of style, and praying it heals quickly. sigh.

Missing... the kids' Jog-A-Thon this afternoon because of said broken toe.  Wyatt was super bummed Carly and I wouldn't be there, but Josh saved the day and was able to get off work an hour early and surprised the boys by being there.  They were so glad to see him, and Josh said he was really proud of how hard they ran.

Taking... Dairy Queen Blizzards to the boys at lunch.  Carly was so happy to go see the boys at school, and I was glad to see the twins' new school cafeteria.  They have the best staff assistants ever (seriously, love them!) and they're such a good bunch of kids. 

Thankful... Josh is the best dad ever.  He jumps with Carly on the trampoline whenever she wants; he took time off work to go to the Jog-A-Thon and surprise Wyatt when he knew he was disappointed I couldn't go; and even though he was so tired after work on Wednesday, he went and played baseball with Jack who had been wanting to play ball with him.  He puts all of us first, and we are so blessed by him.

Needing... to sort through our winter gear to see what we have and what we need.  The twins will probably need boots (as will Carly), but I honestly have no idea what else the kids might need for the winter weather that is sure to come.  Our goal is to always be ready for snow by Halloween, so I better get myself in gear!!!

Celebrating... that today marks an entire month seizure-free for Logan.  I am so happy for him (for all of us, really) that this medication (Tegretol) is working and that he has his freedom back.  Thank you to all of you who have prayed with us as his seizures have changed and we've tried different medications and doses.  We are so grateful to be where we are today.  It feels like a dream come true.


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Unknown said...

Shelly, I hope you share more of your journey with your thinning hair and using Monat. I can relate to your situation. I have also noticed my hair thinning. Started out when I went to help my brothers with my Mother's care nearly 3 months ago. It wasn't so noticable until about 6 weeks ago when all of a sudden I looked at my self and couldn't believe it. I went to have my hair cut and colored from the same woman who has been my stylist for about 15 years and she said "Kim, are you seeing this?" So it wasn't just me. I am quite interested in your journey with Monat. I can read reviews online, but it isn't the same. I have followed your blog for several years now and I know that you will give an unbiased opinion. Thank you for talking about a very uncomfortable problem that some women face.