Last night I went to be way too late, and right when my head hit the pillow, Logan woke up. And he stayed up until 2:30am. Finally at 2:36am I crawled into bed. The boys woke up this morning at 7:40am. I grabbed Logan out of his bed, and put him in the living room. I went back into the nursery to get Jack, when I saw that there was blood all over his face, ear, sheets, pajamas & blankets. I yelled immediately for Josh to get up, took Jack into the kitchen & began washing his face.
His "strawberry" had bled. And bled. And bled.
And after I cleaned it, it bled some more.
We decided we needed to head to Urgency Care.
Josh's mom came to watch Logan (thank you, Grandma!)

And off we went.

The doctor we saw was very kind. She says she thinks that it's a Pyogenic Granuloma. These are tumors that grow after 6 months of age, enlarge rapidly up to half an inch and are most common in children & young adults. There are some cancers that mimic these, so the diagnosis must be made carefully. They can be removed best via laser surgery. This is the least traumatic way, although the best way to ensure it's gone for good is surgery.
She said if it bleeds longer that 20-30 minutes to head to the ER, otherwise she suggested we just keep an eye on it until our dermatology appointment on the 5th.
That was my Sunday morning.

How was yours?


Lynnette said...

Ohhhh poor baby! :( Hope it doesn't bleed again, it must have been scary to find him like that! The 5th will be here soon!

Rox said...

My heart is pounding! Poor Jack Jack.
I'm glad you were at home, not camping w/ us when this happened though.
I'm glad you are on your way to getting some answers/resolution to things.

Andrea said...

I don't like the picture of Jack with the blood all over his face. :( Poor Jack! Please keep me updated while we are on our vacation.
Love you all! *hugs*

Marilynn said...

I want to hug both of you so bad. We came home Sunday night instead of Monday morning, because packing up in the heat didn't appeal to us at all. I am so glad you are getting some answers. You must be so tired. I hope you are sleeping as I am writing this. I can't wait to call you tomorrow.
Love Mom xoxox

Kristy said...

oh my!!!! sending up prayers for you all!!!!!