beautiful boys


I absolutely LOVE this one. The expression on his face is priceless.

No really, check out his fingers!

{See ya!}

This is classic Logan "cheese face"


{Good morning!}


I think this one is my favorite of him

Lately both he and Logan have been doing this.
Trying to get some perspective, perhaps?

I see my mother-in-law's eyes in this one.
He totally has her eyes.

There's that dimple

My boys

{I was telling my mom tonight that I can't imagine the boys any other way. I can't imagine boy/girl twins, or girl/girl twins, or a single baby boy or girl. Logan & Jack are just perfect. I am having so much fun parenting boys. Sometimes they make me crazy, but luckily they are pretty darn cute to make up for it! }

(P.S. Remember you can always double click the photos to make them bigger)


Rox said...

These are just awesome!!!

Marilynn said...

I want to kiss their necks!

Jodi said...

Your boys are adorable. Wow we have a lot in common minus the identical part. Although weirdly I get asked that a lot about my boys even though they look absolutely nothing alike!

Lynnette said...

Oh Shelly they are so cute! I can't say 'the cutest babies' anymore since Norah is here :)But they're the cutest baby boys I know!