Last Saturday my mom was watching my coworker Scott and his wife Juli's twin sons, Orion & Mason, who are 8 months old. I stopped by to say hi and let the boys see the "babies". (Does this mean mine aren't babies anymore???)

They enjoyed "helping" Mason play with his exersaucer toys as you can see here.

I love Mason's bald head. Look at how much hair my boys have. Were they ever bald? (Oh yes, they were. Only their baldness was more like male pattern baldness, as seen in Frank on Everybody Loves Raymond... and much less adorable.)

Jack insisted on sticking close while Nanny changed Orion. He found the whole thing fascinating, and wanted oh-so-badly to play with Orion's eyes & nose (preferably off of his face!)
{Don't worry, Juli, I made sure kept his hands to himself!}

I was honestly surprised at how sweet they were. I thought they might be rough, but they were pretty gentle.

Logan was both interested in the baby that Nanny was holding, and slightly jealous that it wasn't him. So she had to give him some extra loves.

The boys' behavior that afternoon was perfect. They found toys they could play with, listened and were so easy. I am so excited that they are reaching that stage.

I love the outfits they are wearing in these. Grey sweatshirts, adorable jeans {cute butts help!}, and grey Converse. So sweet!

Jack wasn't the only sweetie with the babies. Logan was loving on Mason. He would put his forehead on Mason's belly and "hug" him. Then he kept holding his hand. He was just fascinated by him.

After playing with all four kiddos, Juli came to get her bubs. We got a chance to visit, which was so nice. There is nothing like talking to another mom of multiples. We travel a strange (& sometimes solitary) road, where the challenges as well as the blessings are multiplied. People, I have seen, either think the best ("God has blessed you") or the worst (the dreaded "Double Trouble"), but parenting twins is a balance of the two.


Rox said...

Aw, makes me excited to them with their new cousin ;)

The Adelman Twins said...

I love this!!! I am going to link this post to my blog so it is like a cross over special! Scott is out of town Friday - Sunday leaving me alone with M and O with no real plans... Call me if you want to get together again! Juli