{Logan, Nanny & Jack}
Saturday August 15th

The boys were so serious because my mom was dog-sitting her friends dog Buck, and he was locked in the dog pen BARKING & BARKING!!! (He scares her puppy Sunny, so when Sunny was outside, he had to go in the pen.)

Josh & I are still surprised to have two walkers. It hits us especially when we are out and about. They are only 14 months, and walking like old pros. It's just amazing how far they have come from our "tummy time" days.

I just *adore* their beautiful blonde hair. It glistens in the sun like gold, and I swear I can still see bits of the red hair they were born with.

They really were so serious about the dog barking. Jack in particular is afraid of loud noises, so he was the most disturbed.

Logan finally went to play in his playhouse. He is just so adorable in his perfect proportion house!

Then they were getting into Isaiah's toy shed. There were all kinds of cool things in there!

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Rox said...

Let me squeeze them in their cozy sweatshirts right NOW!
P.S. Mom looks adorable in her pink shirt and floral Nike's! If only my feet were 1/2 size smaller...