June 13, 2008
1 week

August 19, 2009
14 months

I have lots of blogging I need to do (swim lesson photos, new photo shoot photos & other summer adventures), but I don't have a lot of time on my hands presently as we just got back from camping, so instead I will give you this to tide you over.

A picture of the boys and I a year ago, and a picture of the boys and I a week ago. My arms are equally full, as is my heart, in each photo.


Rox said...

Jason's pictures!!! Oh I can't wait to see them! You look gorgeous in this one!!

Aniko said...

OMGosh, look at how those little angels have grown. It's hard to believe how quickly the time goes by.

Marilynn said...

Hi Shelly,
I love the way the boys look like they were double exposed in the title photo, hands the same, each taking a step with their right foot up. LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And you and Josh. Camping was sooo fun. Thank you for being a brave mommy. Love Mom