On Tuesday night, we put the boys down for bed at 7:30pm. Neither of them woke up (at all!) until 7:56am Wednesday morning. I was ecstatic! I haven't had six hours of sleep in a row for at least four weeks.
Our new night time routine (to prepare the boys for the fall when I am here by myself four nights a week) goes like this:
6:30pm- Snack & milk
7:00pm- Bath time!
7:20pm- Pj's & story time
7:30pm- Fan on, music on, night light on
Kisses, lay them down & stand in the middle of the room

I am having to stand there because for the last three months I have been rocking Logan to sleep. I don't even really know how it happened that I was having to do that, but it was not a good thing. So we are training him to fall asleep on his own, in his crib. But we are doing it in small steps. So I stay in there until he falls asleep. We've been doing this for a week, and so far, so good.
Once he's asleep, I sneak out.
Sleeping babes.

Last night, however, was a DIFFERENT story. Laid the boys down, they fell right to sleep, and at 10:00pm Jack started waking up. I would get him back to sleep, just to hear him again in 20 minutes. I can't really let the boys cry it out because sometimes one is asleep & I really don't want them both awake. So I go in & make sure they have their binky and their bub (their fav stuffed animal). I was in and out, in and out with Jack until 11:30. Finally I got him up & changed his clothes (he seemed hot). Then Logan woke up.
And they both stayed awake (screaming, mostly) until 2:00am, people!!!

Josh and I were going crazy. They were just wide awake, angry & refusing to be calmed. I literally fell asleep standing up next to Logan's crib. I woke up when my knees buckled & I almost fell over. If I sat or laid down on the rug in his room, he would stand up & scream bloody murder. At this point, Jack had FINALLY fallen asleep, but Logan just would not give in. I have restless leg syndrome (my legs twitch incessantly when I am tired) and had been up for about 18 hours at this point, so I was miserable.

Josh had an ortho appointment this morning, and we all had our last swim lesson, so of all the nights for them to not sleep, it was a bad one.

Tonight, Josh is going to be on his own. I have a girls night planned. I am quite curious to see how it goes.

I'm telling you, feast or famine.
Feast or famine.


Rox said...

I have to say; That Sucks (Blake concurs).

And then I have to say something positive because that's how I am...
think of all the incredibly hard things you and Josh have been through together: working, college, being broke, car accidents, family drama, seizures, two surgeries, your pregnancy, delivery and the first year of raising twins (hey- although it's rewarding, it's work!) and then managing a night time routine and teaching the boys how to self-soothe doesn't seem so hard compared to all that!!

I have no doubt you'll get a method to the madness. Keep on truckin sister!!!

Kristy said...

Oh gosh!! How awful! We've many nights like that...ugh!
Hang in there!