getting better


The boys seem to be getting better. We have no fevers today, but are still cranky from a lack of sleep. I am hopeful a nap will cure the "crankies".
We are also cranky (perhaps mommy most of all) because daddy is gone today. He has his first day of internship at the elementary school where he will eventually be doing his student teaching. He left here at 7:30am and will not return home until after class gets out tonight at 8:40pm. I am missing him a lot. He saw the boys for about ten minutes this morning & won't see them again until tomorrow.
This is a really hard time on all of us -the boys cry when he leaves. But I know (& Josh knows) that our sacrifices now for the sake of our family will be worth it. The boys will not remember this time, but they will grow up with a college educated father who goes to work everyday doing a job that he loves.
How many kids can say that?

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Andrea said...

You're so right! :) It will be so worth it. :)