margilo needs a good home

Originally Margilo went to live with my mother-in-law (bless her heart!), but it is not working out. So I am here to beg you to take her into your home.
She is very sweet & has the best purr ever.

She would prefer a house with no other cats, although she managed to live (quite happily) with our cat & us for five years. It was the screaming babies that did her in.

She could tolerate older kids, but doesn't have a lot of patience for those under four. The one positive is that she always gives a warning before doing anything naughty. {a hiss, typically}

She sleeps about 23 hours a day and loves to be snuggled. I just know she will be better off with another family who has time to give her the love & attention she needs and deserves.
Any kind souls out there willing to give her a chance?
Please contact me!

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