nanny loves us

{See? We told ya she loves us!}
We all got together Wednesday to see Roxanne & Blake who just got back from California. (Blake arrived home from Iraq in August & Roxanne flew to California to wait with him while he finished up his last month with the Marine Corps.)

{Isaiah & Jack}

Logan & Auntie Roxanne
(32 weeks pregnant!)

This is Jack,
post tantrum.

So naughty,
so cute.

Jack helping Nanny crack the eggs for the brownies.

It was so fun to watch the boys smear chocolate all over themselves.

Logan liked the brownie batter so much he even tried to lower his head into the bowl to get his tongue in there to lick it clean. So funny!

Really digging in.

Check out those chocolate covered toes (Jack) & finger tips (Logan)...
totally edible!

After our baking adventure we went straight to bath time.
What fun we have at Nanny's house!

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Julie said...

Mmmm chocolate! Cute little chocolaty smiles. They've already figured out the best part of helping cook is licking the bowl! I love the pic of them in the fridge!