what a great summer...

...and now I am off to work again.

Those are the dimples I will miss!

{Logan & Mommy}
Those are the snuggles I will miss!

{Mommy & the boys}
I will miss playing "chase" with you.

And I will miss those "I'm not doing something naughty, mommy!" looks

I will miss your "so big" arms & your giggles.

I will miss singing & signing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" with you.

I will miss feeding you, washing you & getting you down.

I will miss your toesies.

And I will miss your sweet blond heads.

I will miss your "cheese" face & goofy teeth.

{Logan & Jack}
I will miss your smirks as you throw your sipppy cups onto the floor & say, "Uh oh" like it was an accident.

I will miss watching your tiny hands signing "more" & "all done".

I will miss a million little things that all together add up to "you".
I will think of you every moment & wish I was home.

I will remember all the fantastic memories
we made this summer:

swim lessons
playing at the park
the beach
eating cookies
blowing bubbles
reading stories

And I will be counting down until 3:30 when I get to drive back home to you. To take you in my arms again
& let my heart be whole.


Andrea said...

I got teary when I was reading your post. Jack & Logan are so lucky to have you Shelly. You're a good mom! :)

Angela said...

I taught school before I became a SAHM, and when my first son was born, I finished out the school year. It was so unbearably difficult to leave him, so I know how you are feeling. Good luck!

Rox said...

The boys were so lucky to have you to themselves this summer.
I'm not in a place to give advice, but I'm always hear to listen!! I'll be sending you good thoughts today!

The Adelman Twins said...

i know it is tough, but you can do it! some days are easier than others, i know... this post was such a tearjerker- glad i read it on my day off and not right before i headed to work!