a rocking good time

The boys looked so yummy after baths last night
that I just had to take some pictures.

I put them in the rocking chair for the photos.

First they just kind of looked at each other.

Then Logan noticed he could move the chair.
He started rocking and a-rocking!

And they started laughing and a-laughing!

Don't these pictures just to make you want
laugh out loud?

Oh what {joy} these two bubs
bring to their mama!


Rox said...

Oh my gossshhhh how cute!

Andrea said...

I miss Logan & Jack. I feel like I haven't seen them for a long time!

Very cute pictures of them. :)

Landons Mommy said...

They are so adorable Shelly!! I was laughing as I was looking at them... so-oo cute!!