birthday boys {june 2012}

::the twins' birthday::
All three boys contracted Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease right when we got home to Washington last summer.  We  had visited the twins' preschool, and later that weekend a whole batch of kids went down. So who knows where it came from... but it was awful.  Our variety included vomiting, the inability to eat or swallow liquids without pain, awful sores in their mouths, on their faces, hands and feet, and weeks later, the loss of finger and toenails.

It was nasty.

They got sick in shifts. 
First Jack, then Logan, then Wyatt.  
It took us nearly a month to be completely rid of it.  
Jack was just recovering on their birthday. 
He was so happy to have his brand new bike!

 Logan was just coming down with it on their birthday.  He was feeling pretty yucky.

 Jack went for a ride straight away,

and after hours of begging, I finally allowed Logan to go for a spin. He immediately went back inside and laid on the couch of his own accord.  Poor little buddy!
 ::the party::
Luckily the twins were well by the time their joint birthday party (a celebration for all three of our June boys) rolled around. Josh's sister Julie did everything for the party. She is a Pinterest Queen and nails everything she sees and tries on there!

My favorite were these stop light rice krispies!

 These signs are in their baby books now-- aren't they adorable!?!

 The cupcakes were adorable and delicious!

So the twins were well for their birthday, but Wyatt was still in the thick of it. He hadn't eaten in days and was nursing 24/7.  The  only good part of that was I hit my lowest weight to date (153 pounds)... but it came at a price!

I wore him in my Ergo for nearly the entire party, allowing him to sleep and be cozy as the weather was a bit cold & damp that day.

The boys were all spoiled by family, and we were so happy to be together, celebrating!

 They got a little shy when they were being sung to and blowing out their candles, but managed to get the job done.

 I love these pictures of me with Wyatt on my hip.  I look like such a mom.

And then there's this picture. 
It's my favorite one of the five of us. 

I hope to get pictures done while we are home this summer so I have something more recent.
I wasn't sure where to include these, so I'm throwing them into the birthday pictures.  This summer Logan began doing these things with his fingers. I'm not sure if it's a nervous tick, or if it's like playing with your hair or biting your lip, but he does these silly things with his fingers, twisting them and flicking them.  

It's fascinating to watch.

But the strangest thing is that around the same time, Jack started doing the same thing. But I swear it's like they don't even know they are doing it. It's usually when they are spaced out or thinking about something. So I don't think he knew Logan was doing it. They both must come by it naturally.
::the baby's birthday::
 Wyatt's first birthday was spent at my Grandparents house at the beach.

 I made him a little cake and he even had a candle that his brothers helped him blow out.

 He wasn't sure what to do with the cake,

 so the boys told him to dig in.
He was not impressed!

The twins were totally into eating their cakes on their first birthday, so Wyatt's reaction came as a surprise to me. I had been disappointed when he wasn't up to eating any cake at their birthday party, and thought at least I could get some footage of him eating it on his actual birthday. Instead he just wanted his hands wiped off!

 But don't you worry, that cake got eaten right up!

Logan & Jack made sure of that!
This is another picture I wasn't sure where to add. 
I cannot believe how high Wyatt is in the air. 
And that he was loving it!
We love our little boys so much.  We are so blessed to be their parents.  It's amazing to me that in a few months they will go from being one and four to being two and five! The twins will be five!  It's been a crazy ride as their mom, but I will tell you I am so glad to be on this side of it!  And as for Wyatt,everyday with him gets more fun than the last.  I can't wait for more birthday celebrating come June!


Marilynn Raatz said...

I am so impressed by Julie's skills. I can't wait till you're all here and we can celebrate again!

Rox said...

Haha, I love how similar Wyatt and Ferris are. I have a picture of Ferris on his 1st birthday also completely unimpressed and ready to get clean!
I'm praying that everyone is WELL and the sun is shining on their birthdays this year!
It's fun to look back at these summer pictures.