bye bye binky

 On Sunday night we bid adieu to our sweet friend "the binky".

I snapped pictures along the way... Him finding it on the bedside table,

and popping it in.

 Then, as I read his bedtime stories, I tried to mentally record the suck-suck sound that it made, cradling him in my lap, knowing the next day he would be a "big boy."

 I prepared him over the weekend. Telling him that on Monday he would wake up and throw away his binkies. He would say, "Ohhh," in the saddest, most disappointed baby voice ever.

 I told him once he threw them away, he would be a big boy.

 He was pretty excited about that.

 So he gathered them up, 

 and one by one, threw them away.

He was so proud of himself when he was done.
The adjustment has not been pretty. It took nearly two hours to get him down for bed on Monday. Then an hour Tuesday. An hour and a half on Wednesday, and then, last night, a breakthrough-- only twenty minutes! I hope that means we are on our way out.

{fingers crossed}

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Marilynn Raatz said...

I feel kind of sad! That picture of Wyatt with his brothers makes me think they may remember and know this is big! Good job Shelly. It isn't easier later.