Super Wy is four

When you ask Wyatt how old he is, he says, "Four," in his confident, tiny voice.
(This may or may not be because I ask his brothers 800 times a day "How old are you?!?")

When you ask Wyatt what his name is, he says, "Super Why," and his eyes twinkle.

And when you ask Wyatt to identify letters of the alphabet by sight, he can correctly name 16 letters (see above). When given three options, he can correctly identify the spoken letter 90% of the time.

The kid is amazing. 
Unlike any 21 month old I have ever met.
He adores Baby Einstein, Buzz Lightyear, Lightening McQueen and the entire cast of Super Why.  He likes to read and be read to, sing and be sung to and play chase with his big brothers.

He can play hide and seek, counting to ten (or sometimes twelve if the mood strikes him) before shouting, "...not, here I come!"
Overall, I am just blown away by this kid. Whether it's social play, problem solving or his amazing sponge of a brain soaking up everything we say, his abilities are awe inspiring.

Tonight, as we showed Daddy that he knows letters of the alphabet, even the twins were saying in syrupy sweet voices to him, "You're so smart, buddy! Good job!"

He may not be four, 
but he certainly is our little Super Wy!


Angela said...

So cute and so impressive. I'm still waiting for my one year old to walk and say more than "uh-oh."

Marilynn Raatz said...

Definately brilliant!! I am so proud of him!! And his family xoxo