my weekend

I'm a bit melancholy today as I learned a bit of news yesterday evening that broke my very heart. Unfortunately, it's not news for the masses.... but I spent last night on the phone with my mom crying about it, and feel like I could lose it any minute again today. 

It's one of those times when you know change is good for you, and could even be great, but letting go of what was can be so very hard. 

So for your enjoyment, and to cheer myself up, here are some pictures of my boys, who are still as cute and sweet and funny as ever. 

We did haircuts Friday, which is why they are looking so fresh, and Josh is up next. I think he might actually get a good one. I might be getting the hang of this!

We are playing Candy Land today, lounging in our jammies, and washing laundry.  It's a good, dull Sunday. Exactly what I need to unwind.

I spent the whole day yesterday scrapbooking. The kitchen table doubles as my scrapbooking table, so the boys had to eat all their meals on a blanket in the living room. They did not mind this sacrifice, and in fact there was nary a complaint.  On the contrary, I think they will be quite disappointed today to be back in our formal seating arrangement.

June 2012

July 2012

Washougal River

Camping at Cougar


Grandma Woo Woo's

Departing for Alaska

My lil' sunshine

home life 

{We have a walker!}
I am scrapbooking Wyatt's second year- starting with June 2012 (& his first birthday) and yesterday I managed to get through October 2012.  If you recall, I had been doing daily calendars for the boys, but that got tiresome. So for Christmas I bought myself three brand new scrapbooks and decided the twins' would start in January (somehow I am already two months behind on!) and I would start Wyatt's in his second year.  I hope to use today and tomorrow (Josh is off tomorrow- BONUS!) to catch Wyatt all the way up to February.  Then, over the next couple of weeks, I'd like to catch Logan & Jack up.

And the biggest news of the weekend?  I finished my phone book!  Filled in all those addresses in my very best penmanship, and threw out the old one. Man, does that feel good!!!

As for the rest of the day... I am hoping to keep this in mind:
"... but dwelling on what cannot be changed will only steal our precious joy today."


♥ Sari ♥ said...


I was looking for some information about Alaska the other week and stumbled across your blog. Well, what can I say, I got hooked and became a follower right away. :)

I always find that crafts help me when I hear bad news or if I'm just feeling down. I hope the scrapbooking will do that for you too. :)

Rox said...

Great job on the scrapbooks! Now just remember, enjoy the DOING as much as you enjoy the done.
It seems like Wyatt has really grown since Christmas. He looks tall. I wonder what percentiles he's in. He's such a babyham!