Summer Fun: Random

The following are some random pictures from summer, that were too cute to leave out.

Jack was watching a Beauty & The Beast video, and he fell asleep like this.

In the car, Wyatt would always cross his feet like this.  
That was about the only cute thing about Wyatt and his carseat.
Mostly, he just screamed. And screamed. And screamed. 
All summer.
It was awful.

Makes me a tad nervous for this summer, and that whole "roadtrip to Montana" thing we have planned.
Nothing sweeter than a naked baby in Saltwater sandals!
I love this picture of him in the water at the Washougal.
So beautiful!
Logan was playing so intently this morning, he didn't even hear me sneak out to snap these pictures.

This boy has the best play-focus.  
I love to see it, and to hear his imaginary play with his guys.
We did a lot of little bike rides last summer on the boys' new birthday bikes.
I love this picture of them, trucking along with their backpacks full of lunch boxes and water bottles.
So many wonderful memories!
I absolutely LOVED Wyatt's sunhat last summer.
Isn't it just too fun?
It's strange to see the boys in carseats as I look back at all these pictures.  Now, they just climb in the van or truck and off we go.  The farthest we go is one mile on the dirt road to the post office.  I am excited, though, because this year they will only have to have the bottom part of their booster seats. Hooray!

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Rox said...

Wyatt's Hanna outfit was too cute! I feel like I could even hear Logan playing just seeing the pictures. Ohhh man, I hope Wyatt likes the car this year. That was rough... You may have Baby Einstein playing the entire way to Montana!!!