Tag Readers

As a surprise for the boys a few weeks ago, 
I pulled out the last two Tag Reader books I had hidden in my closet.

I had purchased "Up With Adventure" and "Brave".

They were so excited to see their new books.

I love that they love reading and using their Tag Readers.  The Tag Readers are really neat- they read the story page by page, or in its entirety. They also by themselves, without the book, can recite the entire book, which the boys sometimes use to listen as they play something else. There are also reading and comprehension games, which the twins love.

When they boys aren't feeling well, the Tag Readers are a great alternative to watching TV.

Logan's been suffering a fever the last three days and has been feeling pretty low.  The Tag Readers are a great way to keep him entertained without exhausting his limited energy supply.

I remember as a girl loving my books-on-tape, and I am happy my boys get to have the same (albeit better) experience with their beloved Tag Readers!

{PS- Thank you, Aunt Julie, for buying the boys their Tag Readers oh-so-long-ago.  They are a life saver!}


Rox said...

What a fun surprise!
Get well, Logan!

Marilynn Raatz said...

I love that they are so excited about books!! They look so cute hiding their eyes. I hope Logan gets to feeling better soon! Did he set up his pillows or did you? He looks so comfy!

Anonymous said...

I know you posted one other time, but would you list the readers the boys have. Or create a wish list on Amazon and post the link?

Reading is so great for kids!

Shelly Cunningham said...

Sure! I will post which books they have on the Care Packages page. :)