He gets me

The last week, maybe even the last two weeks, 
I have watched my husband in action and thought, "He gets me."

He jumps in without asking what needs to be done with the kids... he just knows.

He hugs me right when I am on the brink of losing my mind... because he knows.

He makes me laugh when I am going to cry... it's just what he does.

He gets me.

Tonight he was going to run to the store after dinner.  I agreed that it was fine for him to go. Then he stopped and asked if I'd prefer he wait until after bedtime. I said, no, it was really okay and he could go.  Then I thought for a minute and as I did, he said, "I'll just wait. Really, it's fine."

He knows.  He knows that bedtime without him is harder. He knows that getting them in bed on time is important and keeping routine, especially this first week home, has been tough.  He just knows.

Last night, when our  neighbor was playing bumping music (something that is a trigger for me, and can cause an anxiety attack in mere moments) he magically made the dead fan in our room come to life, and then talked to me, telling me stories, until I was sleepy and no longer thinking about the music.

This afternoon at the park, he put his arm around me and said he loved me.  Just because.

There are all these moments, sprinkled throughout my day, where I find myself shaking my head, wondering what I did to deserve him.  Wondering how I was lucky enough to be blessed with such an amazing husband and partner.  

I see him with our boys-- wrestling with the twins or snuggling with Wyatt, and I think how lucky they are that he is their dad.  I see him reading and teaching and listening, and I think how blessed they are that he is the man they get to grow up watching.  How blessed they are that he is the one who will guide them to adulthood.  He is the one who will teach them how to be men.  How to treat women.  How to work hard.  How to keep trying.  How to never give up.

He is the husband of my dreams, the best father three sons could ask for, and exactly what we need.  Everyday that I wake up, I am happy it's next to him.

"If you press me to say why I loved him,
I can say no more than because he was he, and I was I."
-Michel de Montaigne


Barb Miller said...

Lovely post, Shelly!

Rox said...

"...and I think how lucky they are that he is their dad." That brought tears to my eyes, and then the closing quote, beautiful.
You and Josh have set an example of commitment, compromise and love in your marriage that I admire.