Summer Fun: Beach trip with Daddy

Before this summer begins, I'd like to get all the adventures of last summer blogged.  So I am doing a Summer Fun series, full of sunshine and happy memories. 
On the way to my grandparent's house in mid-June, the bikes we had tethered on the back of the Pilot, flew off while we were traveling Highway 6 over the mountain.  Somehow, we managed to retrieve the bikes and no cars were damaged in the mishap.  

Once our beach trip was over, however, we thought it best to leave the bikes at my grandparents' until we could return with Josh's dad's truck to safely transport them home.

So a week later, Josh and his brother took the twins and headed out on the trip to pick them up.

It wasn't all business...

They had some good, old fashioned fun, too!

Like playing at the park in Garibalidi and riding the train that runs from there to Rockaway.

They also played at the beach...

bravely dipping their toes in the freezing water with Uncle Samuel.

And visited the pier...

running in sandal feet,

to look over the edge with Daddy.

And they braved the rail road tracks...

balancing like old pro's!

Before they knew it, the day was over, and the kids were worn out!
Such a beautiful day for a quick trip to the beach.

Hoping for LOTS of those for us this summer as well!


Marilynn Raatz said...

Beautiful day of brothers and brothers!

Rox said...
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Rox said...

What a beautiful picture of Logan on the train.

I bet they can't wait to go back!

Barb Miller said...

Love the pic from behind of the boys hanging out the train window...they are so stinkin' cute!