Summer Fun: BFF Julie's Birthday

Before this summer begins, I'd like to get all the adventures of last summer blogged.  So I started a Summer Fun series, full of sunshine and happy memories. 

Josh's sister Julie's birthday is August 9th.
It was less than a week before we were leaving to go back to Marshall.

We decided to celebrate for the entire day, starting with a hike to nearby Lucia Falls.

The boys had so much fun together.

Looking at these pictures makes me so excited to get these boys out!

To go on more hikes,

to be in the trees,

and to let them explore as they love to do.

The falls were really beautiful,

and the company was perfect!

At the end we stopped for a picnic,

and took pictures.

Then the boys climbed all over the rocks.

And Julie snapped some family photos for us.
This one is my favorite.

Although, Wyatt's face in this one is priceless!

After our hike and photo op, we headed back to Julie's for the afternoon.
It got HOT!

So the big boys swam.

And Julie & I played with Super Wy on the trampoline.
It was such a great day.

Love that girl!


Marilynn Raatz said...

Julie deserves such a fun filled day!
I still want to know what Logan and Jack were talking about in that darling picture!

Rox said...

Wyatt's FEET! I think I've told you this before, but that picture of Jack & Logan in the towels, that's what I pictured when you said you were having twin boys. Two tow heads who were very best friends. I'm happy you did something fun for Julie's birthday, she's such a wonderful girl!