Summer Fun: Washougal River

{Nephew Isaiah}

{Nephew Milo}

{Ferris, Nanny, Jack, Logan, me, Roxanne}

{Nephew Ferris}

{Papa Barry & Wyatt}

{My mom "Nanny" & Wyatt}


Sarah-Jane said...

Love the river photos, looks like such fun! Before my twins were born, my husband and I went to the USA and did a road trip, it was fantastic. The river pics remind me of the fun we had camping in Yosemite, i hope one day to be able to bring my girls there! I must just mention that you look amazing in your swimsuit!! I wish my stomach looked like that after having my twins, i have been left with a pouch :(((( lol

Amanda said...

love ur blog:) You look adorable in your suite and hat! I need to get a similar hat for a beach trip this summer....where did you get yours?
Thx and have a wonderful day preparing for your travels and taking care of your 3 cute boys!

Marilynn Raatz said...

Oh I love the river so much!! These pictures are wonderful!! Such a great time! The boys are such water babies and you look beautiful! I love the picture of you girls and I with the boys. So looking forward to this summer!!