{Wyatt & Aunt Julie}
For his second birthday, Wyattt had his first birthday party.
He had a shared one with the twins last year, but was sick.
So this party was the real deal!

Family came,
like Isaac here,

ready to celebrate, 
like Tiffanie here.

{Milo & Wyatt}
{Uncle Bob & Aunt Linda}
{Roxanne & Milo}
We opened presents:

{Milo & Uncle Jon}

{Papa Barry, Uncle Jon, Milo, Roxanne, Ferris & Logan}

And we had cake:

He absolutely loved being sung to.

He blew out his own candles,

tried a little cake,

and requested that we sing again...

and again.
Four times in all.
After bellies were filled with cake, the big boys (Logan, Ferris & Jack) retreated to Nanny's room with Abby (the dog) to relax and watch cartoons.

Meanwhile the little boys (Wyatt & Milo) played with Elmo.

It was exactly the kind of day I wanted.
With delicious food, lots of laughter, and good memories.
We are all so grateful for this little man.
He is a blessing in our lives,
and we do love him so!!!


Marilynn Raatz said...

Yes we do love him so!! I have NEVER seen a child love to be sung to like Wyatt. Cutest thing ever!!!
I love seeing the "big" boys laying on my bed with Abby watching TV. So cute!! So blessed to have them all together!!

Rox said...

Wyatt is a joy. Smart, funny, charming. I'm happy he had a day especially for him. You did a great job on the party, and you all looked so nice!

Julie said...

He's so sweet! I loved that he loved the Happy Birthday song. Yummy mythical creature cake was pretty good too ;)