cloudy recovery

I had hoped my recovery would go very quickly and I would be back up and running in short order.

Instead it's day two ( just past 48 hours since surgery) and I hurt. 
My head hurts, my mouth hurts, my stomach hurts. 
I am hungry and in pain.

I hate taking the vicodin for how it makes me feel, so I only take it when I am going to be sleeping, but that means the rest of the time I am suffering somewhat.

It is ridiculous to me that I had my entire abdomen cut open and babies taken out, and only took ibuprofen for pain... but four measly teeth were removed and I can't go more than six hours without serious pain meds.

I am icing a lot, which also helps with the pain.  But mostly I want to be 100% again, and caring for the boys.

I am not a good patient. Not really.  I get lonely and needy, and that's hard when you have three (also needy) children that your partner is having to care for on his own.

Thankfully our family (moms, dads, sisters and brothers) have been helping out.  

Yesterday was Josh's birthday, and I did nothing to prepare for it. Thankfully, he has a lot of people who love him, so it was still a special day.  People brought cards and gifts and his little brother even brought him a beautiful chocolate cake.  I am so grateful for all of that.

I am hopeful that another night's sleep under my belt will have me refreshed in the morning.  


Marilynn Raatz said...

Time sure drags when you don't feel well. I will keep you company tomorrow and take care of the boys and every day will be a little better!

Cindy said...

I am thinking maybe it was wisdom teeth you had removed but even if not,watch out for what they call dry sockets. My daughter has these pulled a few years ago and she did not fit the typical dry socket symptoms except her pain just was not going away. It turned out she did have dry sockets. She also has a high pain threshold. As far as this being worse than having a csection - maybe it is just because of all those nerves in your face/mouth?

Dawn Frazier said...

Oh no. How horrible to be feeling bad. I have three children too (including identical twins) and I always think I can't get ill or have anything done because how will anything get done without me!
Hope you're feeling better really soon x

Sally said...

Thinking of you as you recover. Get well soon x