Camping: Day Four

The last day of camping is always bittersweet.
But this year we did what we could to make it fun.

After we packed up camp and loaded the cars,
we took the kids swimming.

The boys LOVED swimming in their life jackets once they got used to them.

Jack got really good at floating on his back,

and it allowed them both a sense of independence in the pool.

I am so proud of what little fish they are.

And I spent plenty of time talking to Logan about his incident in the water.  He said he got too far from the wall and that he was scared, but not freaking out.

I am hopeful that the life jackets will both keep them safe, and also allow them to develop their skills in the water.

I was thinking why this summer I am suddenly feeling overwhelmed at the thought of swimming, and I figured it out.

Last summer we had only these guys...

And now this year we have him!

We are officially outnumbered.

I mean, we "had" him last year, but he just sat on the beach with a willing aunt or grandma. He wasn't walking, and he had zero interest in the water.

Now he's one of the boys, jumping in, playing games and splashing around.

I love that he wants to be in there with us.

And I am glad we found a way to make that possible.
(And safe.)

The last day we swam, he didn't stay in long. So I got to do an impromptu photo shoot on this awesome natural wood bench in the gorgeous sunlight in his adorable bathrobe.

He was very interested in the car on Uncle Conrad's shirt.
When we say "Uncle Conrad" in our house,
he says, "Uncle Conrad's silly," and grins.

This is my favorite of the shots I got.

And I like this one, too.
He's so yummy in that tiny bathrobe!
After swimming we headed home for Vancouver, and the twins both fell asleep. I couldn't capture Jack cause he was behind me, but both boys passed out and their glasses fell off.  Hilarious!

Wyatt slept for a little bit... Until Julie had to tell us to pull over because we were about to lose our sleeping bags off the roof rack!  Thankfully, we didn't lose them, and Wyatt wasn't cranky on the ride home.  Luck was with us!
Julie & I both talked about dreading going home.  You finally get there, and the real work begins. Unloading the car, emptying the coolers, unpacking the bags, washing the pillows, sleeping bags, towels and clothes... I thought it would take us well into the next day, but Josh and I were champions and got everything but two loads of laundry done that first day! It was awesome!

Next year we agreed we should go for a whole week. It's the same amount of work no matter how many nights you stay.  I am eagerly looking forward to it!


Cindy said...

Thankfully,the incident with Logan turned out fine. Thankfully,it hasn't freaked him out from being in the water. Because we live MI and are near the lake,there is a lot of talk about preventing drowning. One of the things I have learned is that drowning,no matter the age is silent. A toddler can drown in as little as 18 seconds. A couple in our area about 3 years ago lost a toddler through drowning even though she was wearing a life jacket. Mom thought Dad had her and Dad thought Mom had her.

Marilynn Raatz said...

I am so happy they love the water. I'm so sorry Logan (and you guys)had a scare! And so thankful he is fine!