Camping: Day Three

Day Three of camping was Adventure Day.

We first explored Battery Russell.

It was a live military base for many decades and is really fun for little boys to climb around on.

Wyatt hung pretty close to his beloved Aunt Julie there.

The love is mutual, that's for sure.

Last year Josh's brother Samuel gave us a bag of balloons that light up.

I saved them for camping, but kept forgetting to use them.  

I brought them to Battery Russell and we blew them up in the darkened rooms.
Super fun!

Then we explored.

After snack at Battery Russell, we followed some roads we hadn't taken before (insert Robert Frost reference here) and wound up at this Wildlife Viewing Bunker.

Conrad & Julie

It was beautiful.

And the kids enjoyed exploring.

After our morning adventuring, we tried to hit the beach.

But it was windy.
Very windy.

So we ate our snack and headed back to camp for some pillow jumping (an awesome feature at the KOA) and campfire time.

1 comment:

Julie said...

"I'm the king! I'm the king!" Remember when they bombed the Battery Russell, because we left the light up balloons ;)
That was such a fun day! Especially having snack on the beach. Nothing like eating more sand than food :)
The pictures of Wyatt and I made me cry. I'm going to miss that little buddy so much! I'm so glad we've been able to spend so much time together so he'll remember me next year.