Camping: Day Two

Day two of camping we spent some more time in the pool.

You can see here, that there was only one life jacket that fit my boys and was courtesy of the KOA.

With so many adults (and teenage helpers) we decided not to worry about life jackets.  Some of the time a twin wore it, some of the time not.

We had the Puddle Jumper for Wyatt, who was my main concern.

The twins aren't fearless in the water, and have always been good about staying by the edge, or hanging out with someone bigger than them.

Well, at one point, I had all three boys in the shallow end while Josh & everyone else was more toward the middle of the pool.

Jack & Wyatt were jumping off the steps at the beginning of the pool, and I was so focused on them, I didn't notice Logan slip behind me along the wall.

Pretty soon, he let go of the wall and was about two feet away from it, with his head underwater.  Reaching and reaching, he couldn't get close enough to grasp the wall's safety.

Thankfully, Josh saw him and rushed across the pool to pick him up. As he sat him on the wall, I turned around and saw Logan's eyes full of tears and his face looking terrified.  I rushed over and Josh told me what happened.

The craziest thing was how silent it was. 
I never heard a loud splash, a cry, a gulp, anything.

Josh, Julie and I later talked.  We were so scared.  He came so close.  What if Josh hadn't noticed him? What if it had been another minute?  

That night as I lay under our quilt trying to fall asleep, I thanked God for a second chance.  I thanked Him for his grace.  And the next morning we trekked to Fred Meyer and bought two matching Spiderman life jackets that will now be required when our boys are near water.
Later that afternoon, Josh rented the boys these little pedal go-karts.

Ethan & Isaac had them as well.

The boys raced up and down our gravel road.

They got so sweaty!

What great fun was had, though!
The same night we nearly lost Logan, this is how I found them sleeping.  Sharing one pillow, all snuggled up together.  Man I love those boys. And I am so grateful that Logan was okay.


Emily said...

I once heard that kids are actually at more risk in a bigger group setting when it comes to swimming. Everyone assumes someone else is watching their child when in reality no one is. I'm not saying that is what happened in your situation, but it has made me overly aware of my kiddos at pool parties--and we go to plenty here in Vegas.

So glad Logan is safe.

Julie said...

That was so so scary! Definitely one of those awful, but grateful "what if" moments. I love the picture of them sharing a pillow. I hope they'll always good friends.

Tabitha Studer said...

so scary! the pic of them snuggled up is the sweetest thing though. glad you all had so much fun camping - i love seeing all the wide open spaces to run and play - just beautiful!