stuck at home... prepping for surgery

I have missed being stuck at home.

Josh took Jack to the Mariner's game in Seattle today, so I am carless.  And couldn't be happier.

Last night Josh and I went crazy tackling the house.  He did dishes and folded laundry while I cleaned the bathroom and organized the entry.  I am having my wisdom teeth out tomorrow.  Something that, at thirty, I am royally dreading.  I wouldn't do it except for that pesky little truth (which is that I live in a rural village in the middle of nowhere for nine months of the year!) and the dentist's encouragement (which was that it will be easier at thirty than at forty.) sigh.

So it has been a bit like before you have a baby. You know there are going to be a million people in and out helping, and things are likely to be a bit helter-skelter while mommy is out of commission, so I've been doing laundry and tidying and organizing and making those phone calls you put off making (to the bank, the insurance company, and other random people you owe money to), basically doing what I can to get my ducks in a row in case the surgery really wipes me out.

I bought movies yesterday (Hello, The Time Traveler's Wife & Hachi) and gathered all my unread magazines (Redbook, Good Housekeeping, Parenting) together.  We rearranged the bedroom and I reorganized the desk in there.  It looks much happier, which I am imagining will help me recover faster. It will, right?!?

So this morning I finished cleaning (sweeping & vacuuming) after Jack & Josh left.  Then I made those dreadful phone calls, and spent some time with Logan.  We also had some friends stop by and went to lunch. Burgerville. Yum.  (It's right by our house... We walked!)

And now this afternoon, Logan's playing a motorcycle game on my phone (a normal "no-no", but today is his special day with me, so I said yes) and Wyatt is watching Old MacDonald and yelling, "Tractor!" every three minutes. Have I said lately that I love that kid?

It's just been the best day.  Stuck at home, doing this and that.  Playing with the kids and crossing things off my to-do list simultaneously.  It's been lovely.  Later my mom is going to pick us up and take us out to dinner. Somewhere fancy like McDonald's, I'm sure. Wink, wink. (Logan gets to pick.)  It's my "last meal" as I don't get any breakfast or lunch tomorrow. My surgery is at 1:20pm.

The only positive is that I might drop some pounds.  Is that sad? That that's the only part I care about? Well, I don't care if it's sad. That's how I feel.  When I had my tonsils out when I was sixteen, I lost fifteen pounds in two weeks!!!  Come on, instant weight loss!

I joke. What I really hope for (although weight loss would be cool) is that I heal up really fast and am back at it with my kids.  We have big plans for July-- camping and beach trips and playdates galore!!!

{Mom, don't read this:}
We leave in a month. A month!?! How did that happen???  Which means I don't want to waste a minute feeling crummy or being sick.  So if you think of me, send a prayer upstairs for me, or throw a good thought my way.  I'd really appreciate it!

(PS: Thanks for the awesome swim night, Susan & Rulon.
The boys are still talking about it!)

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Marilynn Raatz said...

Prayers are happening! These pictures make me happy! Jack and Logan are so fun and happy and watching them jump in together was just the best!
Thank you for the warning, I skimmed....thankfully we do have camping and hopefully a river day or two and I still want to make lemon bars with you, maybe a pie?
I am feeling blessed that I can help with the twins while you heal.