Camping: Day One

We went camping just before 4th of July in Warrenton, which is outside Astoria, Oregon.

The boys were super excited to go on our first camping trip of the summer.

Josh's sister Julie, her husband Conrad, and their three boys (Alvin, Ethan & Isaac) joined us for what was a camping Boy-A-Palooza!

Our six boys have so much fun together, even though the age range goes from 2 to 16!

We played at the beach, burying little boys,

and enjoying each others' company.

Wyatt adores that whole family and they adore him.

It makes my heart so happy because I had worried he wouldn't have enough time to warm up to them this summer. 

What was I thinking? He can feel the love, and has responded accordingly.

My big boys love her family, too.

Oh, how they play.

And play!

And play!

Poor Ethan nearly put his back out toting thirty-seven-pound Wyatt around.

Trouble is, he can't tell him no.  He's just so earnest.
"I want Ethan. I want Ethan."

Little stinker!
In addition to playing at the beach, 
we got to have our first smores of the season.

And oh, were they good!

I think that's my favorite part of camping,

when the day is done, and we get to sit around the campfire,

roasting marshmallows, talking,

and making each other laugh!

{Stay Tuned for Camping Days 2, 3 & 4}


Julie said...
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Julie said...

I'm so glad you're a picture taker, because I love every.single.picture! Such happy memories that would be forgotten if you didn't take the time to capture them. Thank you! Oh and I can't wait to go back next year and hunt for Isaac's buried flip flops ;)