4th of July

4th of July this year was magical.

We got dressed up in our star spangled best, and spent the day with Josh's sister Julie, her family & some of her neighbors.

We decided to have a bike parade,

which really just consisted of decorating our bikes,

taking a million pictures,

and riding to the duck pond together.

It was really fun!

The craziest part, 

was that there were 13 boys,
and only ONE girl!

I have three boys,
Julie has three boys,
Katie has three boys,
and Holly has four boys.

Wyatt was in love with Holly's baby Henry.
It was so sweet!

Us "big girls" spent some time on Katie's lawn painting our toenails.  
Katie had the brilliant idea to try scrapbook paper on her toes with mod podge,
and it totally worked!

So our toes were super festive!

But more importantly we had fun chit chatting and talking about parenting.
Love those girls!!!

Later in the afternoon Conrad started up the BBQ and we ate. And ate.
...This kid with a corn cob kills me.  
He is so cute!

Later Josh's brother came and showed off his new camera.
Here's Ethan checking it out.

Then our boys had a water fight.

It was super fun.
Before we knew it, it was getting dark(ish)

so we put on our cozies and got ready to watch the show.

Wyatt played in Julie's van mostly.
My kids LOVE that van.
It's ridiculous how much.

Samuel was thoughtful enough to think to bring ear protection for the big boys, which we had completely neglected to do.  (Thanks, Samuel!)

This year the big boys were brave enough to try sparklers.  Last summer Jack told me it was dangerous, with a disapproving tone that told me he thought my parenting skills were subpar.

Tiffanie came with Samuel. She is so great with my boys. 
Jack got this picture of us, which is why we are crouching down. 

I love this one of Josh with Wyatt. 
That boys LOVES his daddy.

For a while we were all out there,

enjoying sparklers and fireworks.

But soon it got too loud for Wyatt and he wanted to head inside.

Julie took him in so I wouldn't miss the show.  She said he stood at the back slider saying, "It's popping! It's beautiful!" whenever he saw one go off.

Eventually the big boys had had enough as well, and joined Julie & Wyatt inside.

It was a luxury for Josh and I to sit, holding hands, while the fireworks went off. 

We haven't done that since before the twins were born.
(Thanks, Julie!)

It was an awesome day, full of family, fun & food-- 
just like the founding fathers would have wanted, I'm sure.


Rox said...

I want to squeeze Wyatt in his star outfit, holy cuteness. Amazing picture of him and Josh. They look so handsome.

Sidenote, I dig the neighbor boy's watermelon helmet, ha ha.

I'm glad you had such a great day!

Marilynn Raatz said...

Such a wonderful day and the pictures are so great!!

Katie said...

It was so much fun hanging out with you guys! It really is crazy how many boys Emily is surrounded by!

Julie said...

I'm still in love with our toes :) It was such a fun day! Yay for family, friends, food and fireworks!