party time!!!

Sometimes... you gotta let loose.
Sometimes... you need a little Jack.

Last weekend my aunt initiated a dinner party.  After lots of ideas being tossed around, we finally settled on a lasagna dinner with the kids, and then adult time (later, after bedtime) without the kids.

My cousin Savanna watched our boys as they slept at our house, 
while we snuck back to my sisters' house for some fun!!!

Which included my first shot (ever) of Jack Daniel's. 
Umm, yuck!
I'll stick to my Kahlua, thankyouverymuch!

It was a great night, with lots of laughter and inspiring talk of following dreams even if it means leaving family behind. My aunt's daughter, my cousin Alix, is currently stationed in England with the Air Force; and my sister's husband, Blake spent four years in the Marine Corps-- so these ladies know what it is to be separated from loved ones.  {I might know a thing or two about it as well!}  It was great to talk about our different experiences and be there for each other.  It's a night I will cherish & remember forever.

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