Road Trip :: Washington to Montana

After our impromptu family reunion, we reluctantly headed to our hotel room to put the kids to bed, knowing that the next day would be a long one.

The hotel was super old school. 
Not only did it have a phone in the bathroom,

but they gave us REAL keys.
I can't remember the last time I got a real key for a hotel room.

We got ready for bed as quick as we could,
dressing the kids in their clothes for Sunday so we could hit the road.

(A tip I read online just before leaving for this trip saved our butts--
It was this: if you are on a long trip, and only staying somewhere, like a hotel, for one night, put everyone's clothes/necessities for that one night into ONE BAG.  We did this for our Moses Lake hotel stay, and it made wrangling the kids and finding our room so much easier!)

The twins fell asleep super quick, and slept all night long.
Wyatt, Josh and I, however, did not get any sleep.

The following morning the kids got to watch one cartoon while Josh and I got ready.

Before we knew it, we were on the road with 600 miles to go.

The boys absolutely LOVED seeing all the trains.

Washington passed in the blink of an eye, and soon we were in Idaho.

Josh was so happy to see his first 75 mph sign!

Just as quick as Washington passed, so did Idaho.

Then we were in Montana and trucking along.
It really is big sky country.

Breathtaking everywhere you look.

Logan thought it was cool there was a city named Logan like him.

They even had a dump!

As we drove, miles passing, Josh and I listened to music and fantasized about being home in Alaska.  The yummy food we were going to make (homemade bread & pizza) as well as the normalcy of our everyday life.

The kids managed being on the road really well.  

After lunch they all took naps, 

and the rest of the time they either played cars or watched movies.

Josh was amazing, keeping his calm even when drivers were going 50 in a 75, and keeping us safe from the crazies.

I really enjoyed the trip from Washington to Montana.
I will admit that the last two hours on the road, I was done for!  But considering we were traveling hundreds of miles with three children under the age of five, the trip was really smooth.  But never have we been so happy as when we pulled into Krista's cul-de-sac in Billings!!!

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