Road Trip :: Cunningham Reunion

After our delicious dinner at El Rodeo, we met up with the rest of Josh's cousins, plus an aunt & uncle, at a park by Moses Lake.

Jack spent the first hour laying on the blanket with Caleb.
He is the most beautiful baby.

They were so sweet interacting with each other.
Wyatt went straight to the play equipment:

The rest of us visited while the kids played.

I tried to soak in the beautiful feeling of sitting in the shade of a tree.
It's something I miss when I am in Alaska.

Soon Josh's cousin Allison came with her baby Jameson.
Logan spent some time with him on the blanket.

Then his cousin Adam arrived with his wife Liz 
(pictured here holding Jameson).

His cousins Januari (standing) and Jake also came.

Jake's girlfriend, Monica and his son Tommy, played

and organized some games for all the kids.

Jake, Nathan, Josh & Adam (and Adam's son Brent) all resemble each other so much!

Us girls were visiting when we suddenly looked over and saw that Josh and Adam were standing exactly the same.  And wearing Nikes, and matching khaki shorts.  We were cracking up!

They are all such great men.
I can only hope our sons turn out as great.

Adam & Liz's youngest, Jayson, is so adorable!

He & Wyatt enjoyed the cookies!

It was great to see everyone together. 
The last time I saw Adam and Liz, they only had MaryAnn.  
Now they have five littles!

It was a beautiful day.

And we made some beautiful memories.

The twins still talk about their "new friend" Brent.

Moses Lake


The twins

Wyatt & his beloved daddy

My three guys...
always on the move!

This last one is my favorite.
This is Liz and her two sons,
Brent & Jayson.

And can you believe we managed to get a picture of all of us?
Thank goodness for camera timers and Josh's quick sprinting!
{By family grouping}
Allison & Jameson; Nathan, Caleb & Dunnette; Logan, Brent, Jack and Josh & I in back; Adam & Jayson, Liz, MaryAnn, Faith & Sara.  Aunt Lynne, Uncle Paul, Januari & Jay; and Jake with Tommy & Monica.

It was so great to see all of you.
Thank you for making the effort to come out.
It meant so much, and we are so happy to have this picture {& these memories} to treasure!!!

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Marilynn Raatz said...

Oh my goodness - the pictures of Josh with his cousins are so fun!!
Looks like such a fun time!!